The new lead-free crystal products from Pasabahce are sold under the name of Fine & Durable, in short f&d (speak out as ‘effendi’).

This new material is very strong and has the sparkle of crystal. This material, from the kitchen of their own R&D, is also very good resistant against corrosion by the aggressive dish wash detergents and withstands 2000 cycles in a dish washer without the surface being affected.

F&D glassware looks as if they are all hand made, but in fact most of them are produced in an ultra modern automatic process. The beautiful stemware are eye catchers, but also the vases, tumblers and hand made carafes are very beautiful pieces of glassware.

F&D's fine and high quality crystalline glassware have been developed for the ever growing request of the crystal glassware as a whole. With high refractive index and an unbelievable wash cycle resistance, F&D serves the value right.

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